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“Glass Panel – Elephant”

“Glass Piece 01”

Bharat Makanji, lopcal artist in Manchester
“Glass Piece 02”

“Out in First Snowfall”

“Rambler – Winter”

"St Ann's Square, Manchester", painting by Bharat Makanji
“St Ann’s Square, Manchester”


Bharat Makanji

Bharat Makanji - Manchester Artist
The Artist

Bharat Makanji, a watercolour artist, born
in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania in 1958 moved to Ashton-under-Lyne
in 1970. A career in engineering prepared him with design and
technical ability. Upon being made redundant in the 1980s he
took up his interest in drawing and painting in watercolours.

Bharat, who is self taught has been inspired
by artists such as Wimslow Homer and Sir William Russell Flint.
His attraction to the medium of watercolour in the first place
was the combination of freedom and fluidity, but still the necessity
to retain the element of control.

“For me, I paint each time as
if I am doing a signature-once I have committed paint to paper,
I will not stop halfway through”

Having lived in Africa, India and England,
Bharat has been equipped with a wealth of inspiration with which
to paint. Watercolour has served as a universal communicational
tool, where the restriction of language is surpassed by the
visual alone. His paintings are loosely painted landscapes which
have always provoked a reaction – feeling that is generated
within, one that makes him WANT to paint.

His latest innovation is creating modern
abstract artwork on glass using acrylic paints, creating vibrant
unique pieces of work. He says:

“My artwork on glass is based
on what’s happening at the present time and how nature and
mankind interacts”

He has also done bespoke etched glass designs;
commissioned pieces of artwork which involve spraying the glass
with sand, which results in the surface having a translucent
frosted appearance. Various tones, depths and textures are created
using this technique.

Bharat Makanji may be contacted by email:

A collection of Bharat’s artwork can be seen
on his website:



If you are, or know of any local
artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located
or based in and around Manchester please let us know, and if
appropriate, we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly
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