Manchester Local Artists (11)

German Shepherd Dog

King Charles Spaniel Drawing by Andrea reynolds
“Bobbie” King Charles Spaniel

Black Cat Drawing
“Eric” -Black Cat

Goldie - Dog Drawing

Highland cattle pastel painting
“Little Blind One”

Andrea Reynolds

Andrea reynolds at Work
The Artist at Work

Andrea Reynolds
was born and educated in Bury, and now lives in Bridgnorth in
Shropshire with her husband and two children. She studied A-Level
Art and Design Technology at the former Stand Sixth Form College
in Whitefield and later went to study engineering at Sheffield

After a fairly long career break to raise
her family, Andrea returned to her love of drawing and has now
embarked on a new commercial venture in Pet Portraiture, which
she does online from her website.

Here people can send a photo of their favourite
pet (dog, cat, horse, hampster, and so forth) – there are no
limit to the species of living creatures and wildlife that she
is prepared to draw or paint.

She is equally happy working in black and
white or in full colour and in a variety of media including
pen and ink, pencil, crayon, pastels, acrylics and oil paint.
Just recently she has completed a series of Highland Cattle
portraits!! Her high quality pet portraiture is much admired
and sought after.

She admits to preferring the exacting and
time-consuming discipline of pencil work, but enjoys working
in pastels and aquarelle coloured pencils on tinted papers virtually
for the fun of it.

If you would like to see her portfolio of
animal drawings and paintings or to commission work from her,
you can find all of Andrea’s details on the website at:

or via email at:

If you are, or know of any local
artists (painters, photographers, potters, sculptors, etc) located
or based in and around Manchester please let us know, and if appropriate,
we’ll try to include them. Contact us directly by email.


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