Manchester Local Artists (2)

"Cells" by Ace Riley

"Dapple" by Ace Riley

"Spiders Website" by Brian Ace Riley
“Spider’s Website”

"Orbit" by Brian Riley

"Sun" by Ace Riley

Brian (Ace)

Bian Ace Riley, Manchester Artist
The Artist

Brian (Ace) Riley was born in Manchester on
25 March 1950 in what he described as “..a slum area called
Longsight” and left school to go into the engineering
industry. However, in the mid-1980s he had begun to suffer from
arthritis – so he started painting as a therapy to help with the
problems that he had in his hands.

At first he began working
on landscapes and later tried portraiture. But neither subject
quite helped get his message across as he wished, so he started
working in the abstract. He found that this type of work suited
his every mood and through it he was able to express his innermost

He attended art classes at night school for
a while, but he disliked the kind of subjects which were presented
(eg. still life, bottles, etc) and neither did he much like the
unsympathetic tutor who was only interested in figurative art.
As Ace says “… he didn’t like abstract art or understand
it. I tried on several occasions to try and explain it to him,
but I’m afraid his mind was closed to this type of work”.

He defines abstract art as “non-objective
and unknowable”. This, he maintains, is why we are tempted
to look for objects in paintings where there often aren’t any.
For this reason, he believes that it is more of a challenge to
create an abstract painting that has meaning.

“If art is not about visual pleasure”,
says Ace, “then it is about nothing. There may well be a
message too, but it is the image that you live with, long after
any other meaning has been understood and perhaps forgotten”.

All of Ace’s paintings are for sale. If you
are interested, contact him by any other following means:

Tel: 0161-2318348
Mobile Tel :0792 9737578 (UK only)

or see more of his work at the website at:


If you are,
or know of any local artists (painters, photographers, potters,
sculptors, etc) located or based in and around Manchester please
let us know, and if appropriate, we’ll try to include them. Contact
us directly by email.

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