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Stockport Sabres Inline Roller Hockey
Enquiries: Hilda Hannan - Club Manager.
Tel: 0161-283 8824. Mobile: 07968 256 566
Websites: or
The club was formed in January 1999, with the aim of promoting the sport of Inline Roller Hockey in the Stockport area, in a controlled and safe environment for people of all ages and gender.
Inline hockey is based on the fundamentals of skating, stickhandling and puck control, passing and receiving, shooting and positional play.
The game is similar to ice hockey, in that it is played with a puck and you wear similar protective clothing. However unlike ice hockey, there is only "limited" contact, there is no offside, there are 4 out players instead of 5 and the pad is smaller.
Because it is played in a rink that retains the puck, inline hockey demands involvement of all players on every shift.
Unlike other sports, it requires constant changes of players throughout the game, in order to maintain the fast paced action.
This continual changing of players builds a stronger bond between all the members on a team and gives everyone a turn to play.
Training sessions are held on a regular basis for all abilities, from complete novice, to experienced seniors playing in league matches against other teams in the Greater Manchester area.
Our club competes in the Northern Inline Hockey League, NIHL, which has over 400 members from 28 teams.
All matches in this league take place each weekend at Ordsall Leisure Centre in Salford.

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